Our Campaign

The lack of sex education is the number one cause of many problems like early teen pregnancy, HIV cases, and sexual assault. Sex education does not need to be done inside the classroom. We believe that parents should be more open and comfortable discussing this with their children, as they can provide direct and immediate guidance aligned with the family’s belief and faith.

Education Dreamer aims to educate as many people as possible on how important sex education is. We believe that people try to veer away from the topic because they feel that it is too sensitive and it is something that is talked about in private. That is where the problem comes in. People do not talk about it until they are faced with problems that come with it – or worst, they do not talk about it at all.

We share content that spread awareness of the importance of sex education. We tackle issues that our society faces and we just hope to encourage people to be more open about the topic.

Join us in our campaign and be an Education Dreamer!